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Robert Pfeffer
» 22.Juni 2015 um 13:23Uhr «
Dear Mr Evans,

you’re welcome to use Ulfilas in your work, as long as it’s non-commercial (otherwise we’d have to negotiate somewhat). As to your special diacritic: Could you explain a bit more specific, what you’re looking for (also via email, if you like to)?

Best regards,
Robert Pfeffer
Christian Evans
Web: http://notragothic....
» 18.Juni 2015 um 18:03Uhr «
Herr Pfeffer! I love the look of your Ulfilas and I'm thoroughly impressed with how attractive and natural your lowercase forms of the alphabet look.

I'm a language creator and I've recently been working on a modern descendant of Gothic and was wondering if you'd mind me using your script for images I create. The other question I had was if you'd be willing to modify the script to allow the small-line-under diacritic on vowels, because for my language, that's how front open vowels are written in the Gothic script (like little iota in Greek).

Again, simply beautiful! Thank you
» 16.Juni 2015 um 00:57Uhr «
Thank you so much for these fonts; I will enjoy them!
Ort: San Diego
» 20.Mai 2015 um 18:12Uhr «
Thank you very much for all your great fonts! My Latin students will get a lot out of them.
Johann Weilharter
Web: http://www.lungau-a...
Ort: A-5591 Ramingstein
» 07.April 2015 um 11:13Uhr «
Ich wusste gar nicht, dass die Beschäftigung mit Schriftarten so interessant ist. In einer Dokumentation über Karl d. Großen bin ich auf die "Karolingische Minuskel" gestoßen und in weiterer Folge auf Ihre Seite gekommen!
Robert Taylor
» 07.Januar 2015 um 03:46Uhr «
Researching my ancestry when I came across this superb site. Danke schön!
Robert Pfeffer
» 07.Dezember 2014 um 14:01Uhr «
Lieber Herr Möller, lieber Herr Dell’Aquila,

vielen Dank, das freut mich wirklich sehr.

Beste Grüße,
Robert Pfeffer
Vittorio Dell'Aquila
Web: http://https://inde...
» 30.November 2014 um 09:28Uhr «
Sehr schön. danke
Leon Möller
» 01.Oktober 2014 um 21:18Uhr «
Thanks a lot for this website. I needed a Font like Pfeffer Mediæval in Latin Alphabet very urgent and found it here.
Robert Pfeffer
» 12.September 2014 um 21:26Uhr «
My fonts have been compiled with FontForge in the end, but I’ve designed them mostly using CorelDraw.
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