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Ronald Kyrmse
Ort: São Paulo - Brasilie
» 23.Februar 2017 um 20:20Uhr «
Ihre schriftarten sind für mich eine konstante anregung, um schriftstücke in ihnen zu setzen und zu verbreiten. Kürzlich erst habe ich Tolkiens ringgedicht auf mittelenglisch übersetzt (ich bin in Brasilien mittlerweile zum standard-Tolkienübersetzer geworden), dann in Pfeffer Mediaeval geschrieben. Wirkung: verblüffend!
Besten dank für diesen beitrag zur computerkalligraphie.
Robert Pfeffer
» 12.November 2016 um 11:23Uhr «
Dear Pedro,
sorry for my late reply! No, I don’t think so—I’ve never encountered such sounds in Gothic.
Best Regards,
» 02.Oktober 2016 um 14:31Uhr «
Dear Pfeffer,

I am writting to you in order to know if the sound /Enche/ or /Denche/ - which is the name of a village in Guadalajara, Spain- is a gothic sound or a gothic word.
It could be possible that this word was used as a name by the Goths in Spain?

I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,

Pedro Denche Manzano
» 21.September 2016 um 09:03Uhr «
Dear Dr. Pfeffer,

Thanks for your endeavour of the art and those amazing fonts. They are stunning and extremely beautiful.

Kindly greeting,

David Kennedy
» 12.August 2016 um 22:37Uhr «
To Dr. Pfeffer,

It is with great admiration for your runic lettering which I encountered today that I am glad to offer praise and let you understand my appreciation. Your neat formal runes are amongst the best of the fonts available. From one designer of runes to another, on yours I would bestow my approval, for what this be worth to the goal of them becoming more widely acknowledged and with fondness adored.


David Kennedy.
Alistair Scott
Web: http://www.flyingfo...
» 10.August 2016 um 07:56Uhr «

I'm designing a website and would like to licence Pfeffer medieval for commercial use.

Please get in touch via my email so that we can take it forward.

Many thanks

Robert Pfeffer
» 31.Dezember 2015 um 23:29Uhr «
Lieber Martin,

wären Sie so freundlich, mir eine Kopie des Ergebnisses oder einen Link dahin zukommen zu lassen? Das interessiert mich wirklich sehr.

Besten Dank und ein frohes neues Jahr,
Robert Pfeffer
Ort: Berlin
» 17.Dezember 2015 um 11:33Uhr «
Vielen Dank für die karolingischen Minuskeln Herr Dr. Pfeffer.
Ich vertone gerade das Wessobrunner Gebet, welches genau in dieser Schriftart überliefert wurde. Mein Text sieht damit natürlich viel besser und originaler aus aus!
Beste Grüße
Salla Huttunen
Ort: Turku
» 10.Dezember 2015 um 11:36Uhr «
I'm Salla and I'm a part of a small indie game studio from Turku, Finland called FakeFish. We're making a historical fantasy adventure game called Northbound based on the finnish national epic Kalevala.

You've done awesome work with the your fonts!

I'd like to ask you about the possibilities of commercial use of your font Pfeffer Simplegothic. I think it would fit perfectly in menu and journal titles, it's easy to read and has all the special characters we need. I'd be happy to share more info about the game, as well as screen shots & further information where we'd be using the font, and I'd like to get your idea of reasonable compensation. We're an indie studio with a very small budget, but of course we want pay what we can .

Mail me at [email protected] or reply here.
Robert Pfeffer
» 27.September 2015 um 21:30Uhr «
Dear Mr Bettridge,

sorry for my late reply! I’m pleased to hear Pfeffer mediæval suited your purpose, and I’m indeed curious to see your textura—so I’d be happy if you could mail the files to my address quoted in the impressum. Many thanks in advance and

Best regards,
Robert Pfeffer
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