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cafe lipe
» 03.April 2009 um 10:45Uhr «
milli oeh omer oeh today dam go to army check see if he has to go good luck here same same but not diffrent only your place is empty upstairs and at dinner all the best for the market and see you soooooooooooooooon make this year a new record omar chatch big big here alot of wind not strong but not aroi tschi wo diami
Location: Ticino
» 01.April 2009 um 15:41Uhr «
....ciao ciao to Lunché.....
Ciao Bee eDarius,
how are you? still open?! we miss you really much! Milli started to work on the camping, Omar is fishing, and together we start to prepare the material for the MARKET!
Saturday is the first, in Bellinzona!!
Miss youuuuu! Take care na!! smack milli e omar
» 01.April 2009 um 12:58Uhr «
luntan has gone to heaven today rest in peace
Jeff & Valérie
Location: Québec, Canada
» 25.March 2009 um 14:22Uhr «
Hi Bee and Darius,
Sometimes, I dream of the fabulous moment spent at Cafe Lipe, thinking of the best coffee in south east asia and the succulent home cooking of Bee!!! We miss the sun and the sea, we miss you and the unique Island Life style.
Take care and prosperity wishes to you two.
J-F and Val
See Photos :http://picasaweb.google.com/jeffcote3/Lipe?feat=directlink[/URL]
Location: Ko Lipe...
» 10.March 2009 um 08:06Uhr «
cafe lipe is now on facebook. username: Bee Darius. join the family...
Location: basel
» 20.February 2009 um 09:06Uhr «
jo ciao zäme,alles ok im paradis??;)
mir sind wider zrugg in dr kälti,10 minus!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
isch wunderschöni zit gsi bi euch,kum
garantiert wider mol!!!also liebe gruess an alli
und schöni zit!!
gruess joshua und oliver
» 23.January 2009 um 08:27Uhr «
Hallo Darius
Das gseht jo mega schön uss bi Euch !!šChönnt au grad Feriä bruchä !! Ha dä Tip vo dim Vater übercho....!!! Männerriege !!
Bis dann.. Gruess
Roland Ziegler vo Lausä
» 09.January 2009 um 08:23Uhr «
happy new year to all of you and stay healthy................................
.......see you
Kathy + Cliff
Location: England
» 31.December 2008 um 15:49Uhr «
Hi to you lovely people!! Many thanks for all your care of us in December...and the birthday cake!! It is cold and trying to snow here.Have a great New Year.
Doctor says I have small hole in my ear...still no pain or any problem...but no swimming allowed for 2-3 months.
Love Kathy and Cliff
Darrick rinks
Location: Canada
» 28.December 2008 um 07:44Uhr «
Hey guys we are really missing lipe and both of you we would love soMe of those home cooked meals we miss so much hope everything is going great! Adiós
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