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» 10.March 2018 um 01:19Uhr «
Cafe Lipe
» 10.March 2018 um 01:17Uhr «
Good morning,
Some weather news: we have strong north east wind in the morning that normally keep up until low tides during the day sets in.
We recommend you to take a ferry if possible or travel later in the day.
Anyway there is no danger at all it is just more comfortable,we guess.
The sun is shinning and we have now and then some white clouds.
After all it is very nice right now on lipe because the weather is nice and it is not that busy anymore.
Any questions about our place or lipe and the surrounding islands please send us an email.(contacts)
We wish you a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe Lipe
» 03.March 2018 um 01:01Uhr «
Good morning,
So far all good sun is shining weather is sweet and we enjoy the last weeks of the season.
We wish you all a wonderful day,
Cafe Lipe
Location: Slovenia
» 26.February 2018 um 14:36Uhr «
I'm wondering if you have a free bungalow for two people from March 17 to March 22. 2018.

Greetings from Europe.
Cafe Lipe
» 26.February 2018 um 00:30Uhr «
Good morning,
Some news from lipe,the weather is nice even if there is not just blue sky. We have a few clouds and strong north eastern winds.
Three four days ago we had as well some rain for about two three hours which was needed very much. After almost three month without rain it started to get really dry.
The temperatures are fresh in the evening,night and early morning and during the day it is hot.
The island is after the Chinese New Year more quiet again so there is no need to book a room in advance because you will get better prices if you just come here and look around. Keep in mind lipe is small so it is easy to walk around the island.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe Lipe
» 20.February 2018 um 00:51Uhr «
Good morning,
Chinese New Year is over and so it will be less busy on the island. It will be easy again to find a room on lipe because many people are going to leave or have already left.
We are still full and have again a free room start of next month any questions about cafe lipe or the island in general please send us a mail.
Have a nice day
Nathalie klein Selle
Location: Koh Bulon
» 19.February 2018 um 04:37Uhr «

Me and boyfriend would love to have a bungalow at your place from yhe 21st of February. Do you have anything available?

Many thanks,
Tríona Duignan
Location: Dingle, Co. Kerry Ireland
» 18.February 2018 um 06:56Uhr «
Hi myself and my boyfriend are travelling in Thailand coming from Ko Jum and were wondering do you have any rooms free on the 21st of February for three nights. We really love the sound or your guesthouse and would love to stay.
Kind regards Tríona
» 17.February 2018 um 04:16Uhr «
Good morning,
I would like to request a bungalow from Feb 20th-24th for 2 people. I also sent you an email regarding my request. If you don't have any vacancy during that time period, please let me know the next available date and cheapest option. Thank you very much!
Lilli and walter
» 11.February 2018 um 03:13Uhr «
Hallo Bee and Dariusz,
Is it impossible from 13.2. till ca 19.-20.2.18 to have a bungalow in your caferesort?
I send you yesterday a email from [email protected]
Please can you send me a answer, thats s nice

Many Greetings
Lilli and Walter
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