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Cafe lipe
» 20.August 2018 um 00:59Uhr «
Cvetka Bizjak it is possible to book a bungalow but could you please send us a mail to [email protected] or [email protected]
It makes it easier for us to manage the reservations that way. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a wonderful day,
Cafe Lipe
Cvetka Bizjak
Location: Slovenija
» 30.July 2018 um 11:46Uhr «

We are going to Koh Lipe at 22. 1. 2019 and we would need some bungalow. Can I reserve 1 bungalow for 2 persons?

Best regards

Cafe Lipe
» 24.July 2018 um 13:59Uhr «
Soon we are back and getting ready for a new season. If you have any questions please semd us a mail. It doesn’t matter if it is about our place or other places on Lipe or Lipe itself, as well arrival or departure we stay almost 20 years there so we know the area.
Have a wonderful day
Cafe Lipe
» 01.July 2018 um 12:35Uhr «
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cafe lipe
» 01.July 2018 um 12:33Uhr «
good morning
the weather in lipe is still nice and low season is as usual quiet. a really good time to visit lipe if you like a less busy Island. if you have any questions to our place or lipe in general plesase send us an e mail.
we wish you a wonderful day
caf lipe
Cafe lipe
» 18.June 2018 um 12:53Uhr «
Good morning,
Low season in lipe is going well. The weather s nice as well and so lipe is a good place to visit.
We recommend you do not book anything in advance because it is low season. You will get better prices if you just come and you can easily choose the place you like.
If you have any questions please send us an e mail.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 31.May 2018 um 13:57Uhr «
Some news from lipe island. The low season has arrived and therefore the island gets quiet. Specially paddaya beach is really quiet during this time. Diving gets better cause the water is cleaner during the south west monsun. A recommendation from us is don't book a room longer than for a day or two if even because it will be very easy and cheaper to just walk around and choose the place you like.
We are kind of low season open. So if you like come and visit us. Any questions please send us a e mail. If you need to know boat connections,room availability or snorkeling,diving tips etcetc......
Wish you a wonderful day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 28.April 2018 um 01:48Uhr «
Good morning,
Today is loi rüa,the urak lawoi festival. It takes places two times a year at the beginning and end of the rainy season.
It is a very important day here for the local population.
We wish all a healthy and fullfiling time.
Stay save and take care.
Cafe Lipe
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
» 22.April 2018 um 13:12Uhr «
Hello !

My name is Simon, I'm 36 and live in Geneva, Switzerland (donc oui, je parle français, cher confrère).

I went to Lipe in August 2016 with my wife Mariya and we actually ended up in Cafe Lipe, which was closed at that time but 2 women suggested us to come the next day. So we did and I think they were kind of surprised to see us. They opened one bungalow JUST FOR US (us being Swiss intrigued them) and it was among the most magical Thai experience we've ever got. And I've been traveling to Thailand and around for the past 16 years now, so I know the areas pretty well so to speak.

We actually would like to come back and live those moments once again (end of August- beginning of September): would it be possible to communicate with each other in a more private manner ? Here is my private e-mail and phone number (so we could use Whatsapp/Telegram maybe):

[email protected] // +4176/695-68-64

Looking forward to hearing from you guys, we wish you a great day.

Cafe lipe
» 21.April 2018 um 02:13Uhr «
Good morning,
Yesterday at 22.00 we had thunder,ligthenings and a little bit of rain. During the day the weather was nice and the ocean was crystal clear. As it is today in the morning.The island gets with everyday quieter. If one of you wants to come do not book anything on the island because there are plenty of options to choose from right now.
Any questions please send us a mail,thank you.
We wish you all a wonderful day,
Cafe lipe
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