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Cafe Lipe
» 22.June 2019 um 12:20Uhr «
Dear Readers,
It is low season on lipe and the weather is mixed some days rain some days sunshine. We think it is just beautiful right now,all green and clean air. That is the positiv side but there is also construction going on on lipe and so not all is perfect. If you like to come by just do it don’t book anything on lipe because there is plenty to choose. Any questions about the south of Thailand and lipe send us on facebook a message.(fb : cafe lipe)
Guess that is it for now we wish you a wonderful day,
Cafe Lipe
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Location: Switzerland
» 20.January 2019 um 03:41Uhr «
We joint some breakfast at the cafe Lipe. What Bee and Darius teared up and how they handle with the local people is how tourism should get along in a country. I highly recommand to visitors to visit that place.
To Bee and Darius I just can wish you that fun and to get on with the path you set stays with you.
Love that place.

Pasci and Mirjam
Peter Stridh
Web: http://peterstridh.se
Location: Sweden
» 09.January 2019 um 13:02Uhr «
Halo Darius!

Ich mache mich sorgen wegen der Sturm im südlichen teil von Thailand.
Hoffentlich wird es euch nich so slim angreifen.

Ich möchte gerne ein par Wochen im Februar 2019 Einbuchen.
Ob es möglich ein bongalow den ich früher gehabt habe zwichen 3/2-17/2 2019.
Ich habe schon men Flug gebucht nach Krabi. Hoffentlich läuft es wegen euch!!! Und bitte gibt bescheid ob es läuft !!

Bis balt & auf Winerschnitzel

Peter Stridh aus Schweden

peterstridh.se [email protected] +46 708 31 89 66
Cafe Lipe
» 21.November 2018 um 12:50Uhr «
God evening,
We had some rain in the last days but now and then the sun is out as well.
Any questions please send us a mail or on Facebook.
Have a good night,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 26.October 2018 um 14:49Uhr «
The island is slowly getting a little busier but still quiet. We recommend you do not book a room during the month of November it is better to just come here and have a look.
You get a better price and can be sure that what you get is what you like.
Any questions please send us a mail or a message on facebook under cafe lipe.
The weather is in the last days quiet nice.
Have a wonderful day ,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 18.October 2018 um 02:00Uhr «
Good morning,
Some information,we are asked how our bungalows or place looks like. You can take a look on short clips on you tube under cafe lipe.
There you get a good look at our place.
Any further questions please send us a mail or a message on facebook.(cafe lipe)
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 15.October 2018 um 02:41Uhr «
Good morning,
Some news from the island. Today the 16.10.18 the island opens officially for the high season. It is still very quiet here and the island is just getting ready for the season.
We recommend do not book a room right now because there is plenty of options,what ever you looking for. Except you like to pay to much and book over the internet.
If you have any question about our place or lipe in general please send us a mail or message on facebook,cafe lipe.
Ah one thing the weather is getting better day by day.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 02.October 2018 um 01:57Uhr «
Good morning from the island,
We are open in the new season now for about a week and it was a beautyful time. We already had the chance to met old friends and lovely guests that came for the first time.
Today the weather changed a little so we might have some rain but that will not last for to long.
Any questions please send us a mail to [email protected] or [email protected]
You can as well send us a message to our facebook page: cafe lipe.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 24.September 2018 um 14:30Uhr «
We opened up our doors and are ready for a new season in cafe lipe,where hopefully like in many other years a lot of nice people will come by and make friends.
The weather is like always in september that means it can change always from sun to rain.
Like in many other messages before, we ask you to send us a mail if there is anything you like to know about cafe lipe or the island.
Please send the mail to [email protected],
[email protected]
and maybe as well to [email protected] but the last adress has problems with receiving mails. We don't know yet why but it looks like there are some problems with that adress.
Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvience.
We wish you a wonderful day and hope to see you soon at,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 14.September 2018 um 14:11Uhr «
We are soon ready to open our doors for an other season. There is still rain on lipe and the island is really on a low season vibe.
If you planning to travel to lipe during this time, we recommend you do not book anything in advance.the island is small and it is easy to find a room,in whatever price class you looking for.
Any questions about lipe please send us an email. We are happy if we can give you an advice to enjoy your stay on lipe.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
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