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Ed Zarenski
» 13.September 2007 um 21:07Uhr «
I was directed to your article "the Ghost of Encke" from a discussion post on Cloudy Nights. I was pleasantly surprised to find that your article includes a pointer to my post on CN "Seeing Encke."

Norbert Schmidt
Web: http://www.ddq.nl
» 13.September 2007 um 21:07Uhr «
Thanks for the VIXEN-NP EQ-3-2 steppermotor page. Yesterday i did some modifications and all works very fine! Thanks a lot for the hint. p.s. if you turn the LED, the disturbing green becomes red.
Regards and clear Skies
Davide Nava
Web: http://gacb.astrofi...
» 13.September 2007 um 21:06Uhr «
nice images, I have same telescope Vixen VMC 200L !
Clear skies
Olaf Böge
Web: http://www.Meade-LP...
» 13.September 2007 um 21:05Uhr «

Top Site...Top Gallery.......olaf
Web: http://hkastroforum...
» 13.September 2007 um 21:04Uhr «
Hi Oliver,

I'm an from Hong Kong. Sorry for disturbing you here as I can't send you emails successful.

After reading your webpages of the modification of ToUCam with excellent test result, I'd like to do the same modification too.
Could you tell me where to buy ICX098BL? If you have an extra chip, can you sell it to me?

Thank you very much!!!
Pawel Maksym
Web: http://www.astromax...
» 13.September 2007 um 21:03Uhr «
Exelent work! Photos as good as used equipment!
Gratulation !
Pawel from Poland.
Oliver Pettenpaul
Web: http://www.astro-im...
» 13.September 2007 um 21:02Uhr «
Welcome to my guestbook. Please leave a comment if you like.

Best wishes & clear skies,
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