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Ort: Belarus
» 29.Januar 2018 um 19:24Uhr «
Wow! I'm confused about this news. It's absolutley made my day! I'm really looking forward and I hope everything will be alright!!
Ort: Belarus
» 29.Januar 2018 um 12:05Uhr «
Hey guys. I know I kinda late but better late than never

Wish you a very happy 2018. More gigs. more hits and more good moments in your life! Hope to see you in our country one day, I think you've never been in Belarus! Also I wanna ask you to wish everything the best to Verena and just say hello to fan who still have all tracks with her vocals on my harddrive

Good luck for you and take care!
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: Hi Artem,
thanks for your words. Its true. As groove coverage we have never been to belarus but good news: We are working on it cause few days ago we signed a new cooperation for your country. Lets see. All the best.
» 10.Januar 2018 um 18:58Uhr «
Hi Markus und Mel,

es wurde echt Zeit das mal wieder was von euch kommt. Platz 13 mit Wake Up in den Dance Charts ... sehr sehr nice.
Hoffe noch mehr von Groove Coverage zu hören.

Euer Fan
» 24.Dezember 2017 um 21:52Uhr «
Merry Christmas Groove Coverage.

Will your new single WAKE UP be released as download and stream?
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: No!
Ort: Canada
» 23.Dezember 2017 um 12:00Uhr «
I know this question was before but I wanna know something more. Why did Verena choose to be off the radar? What reason of that decision was? Because she is a really great person who looks so beautiful on tv, official videos etc. I saw that she had perfomance in 2012, so why she prefer to be behind the curtains???

p.s. greetings from Canada Verena if you see this. I still love you since 2002 and still vaiting a solo track from you coz i'm little bit tired of listening everything you sang
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: It was her private decision. Please respect. She married born 2 babys.
Maik K.
Ort: Feldengel (Thüringen
» 07.Dezember 2017 um 19:34Uhr «
Hi Markus und Mel,
eurer neuer Song "Wake Up" ist erste Sahne. 👍
Finde es echt schön dass ihr dafür die Melodie von den Spice Girls Titel "Viva Forever" genommen habt. Macht weiter so und lasst uns Fans nicht mehr zu lange auf ein neues Album warten.

Ich wünsche euch ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und einen guten und sehr erfolgreichen Start ins Jahr 2018.

Lasst es krachen. 💣💥

Sweet Kisses
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: Vielen Dank. Es wird aktuell kein neues Album geben ! Sorry
Ort: Helsinki
» 28.November 2017 um 08:49Uhr «
I just wanna say thank you for your music and your new single Wake Up that just massive. I see these posts over there and I wanna say I'm also expect something trancy from you. Not hands up just trance. I still dreaming to see DJ Novus live in ASOT studio. Your set and sound should refresh and bang all over there.
» 23.November 2017 um 22:24Uhr «
So much talking about trance there. Maybe it's time to make God Is a Girl (Groove Coverage True Trance 2018 Remix) with good 138 stuff? And also hope to see you soon in Belgium!
» 23.November 2017 um 19:27Uhr «
Hallo fände es super wenn ihr in ingolstadt einen auftritt habt
novus und mell war schon lange nicht mehr in der gegend...und die auftritte waren immer super
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: Es ist ein Termin für 31.3. geplant. Hier klären wir gerade die letzten Details bzw. warten auf die finalen Infos des Veranstalters.
» 23.November 2017 um 13:16Uhr «
Greetings from NYC. We are looking forward to see you again. Btw I'm totally agree with previous post. It would be great to hear real trance with beautiful vocals of Mell & Verena. And also to see you playing at EDC, Tomorrowland, Ultra at trance stages alongside with Armin, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk and other monsters of this beautiful sound.

P.S. I really hope to see some news about upcoming album in the beginning of 2018.
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: We are doing this kind of music for that project now for more than 15 years now....and until the end.
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