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» 23.November 2017 um 22:24Uhr «
So much talking about trance there. Maybe it's time to make God Is a Girl (Groove Coverage True Trance 2018 Remix) with good 138 stuff? And also hope to see you soon in Belgium!
» 23.November 2017 um 19:27Uhr «
Hallo fände es super wenn ihr in ingolstadt einen auftritt habt
novus und mell war schon lange nicht mehr in der gegend...und die auftritte waren immer super
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» 23.November 2017 um 13:16Uhr «
Greetings from NYC. We are looking forward to see you again. Btw I'm totally agree with previous post. It would be great to hear real trance with beautiful vocals of Mell & Verena. And also to see you playing at EDC, Tomorrowland, Ultra at trance stages alongside with Armin, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk and other monsters of this beautiful sound.

P.S. I really hope to see some news about upcoming album in the beginning of 2018.
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Ort: Toronto
» 23.November 2017 um 09:01Uhr «
Hey! Just heard Wake Up and this is good tune. I see everybody on facebook talking about hand-up/trance but I think Groove Coverage never made a real trance. I think trance is music like Armin van Buurn, early Tiesto, Aly & Fila etc. So aren't you think about make a real trance tune? As I can see trance is so big right now. Undoubtedly not so big like in 1998-2006 but big festivals full of pure trance dj's and beatport/itunes charts also full of trance tunes. Maybe it's time to make Groove Coverage pure trance tune? I remember in Covergirl and 7 Years & 50 there was some trancy spirit in melodies and just trancy vibes. I think it would be very interesting to hear Groove Coverage pure trance tune. Maybe then we can hear you in ASOT and other big things.
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» 22.November 2017 um 11:34Uhr «
Hi Groove Coverage.
Wake Up is really nice song but when it will be released?
Are there plans to release new GC album too?

Greetings from Poland
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: Thanks. For now only on youtube. Some news about an album maybe in beginning of 2018.
Ort: Aurich ostfr.
» 20.November 2017 um 14:35Uhr «
Hi liebes GC Team wake up ist erste Sahne lasst es euch gut gehen Kommt eig. malwieder ein GC Album oder ist da nichts in Ausicht Habe eure Alben immer auf der Aurobahn gehört nach Lingen und dan war ich im Joker wo Tom Mountain von re-flex Resident ist. Diese zeiten waren der Oberburner und dan kam mal ne Poisen oder ne Ruaway freu mich das es euch noch gibt euer Martin Soundbumbers Zimmermann
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» 17.November 2017 um 08:08Uhr «
Eure neue Single "Wake up" ist Hammer gefällt mir richtig gut. Die Stimme von Mell versetzt einen sofort zurück in die Anfang 2000er Jahre

Ich hoffe die Single gibt's bald zu kaufen.

Andy Wiesner
Ort: Kasendorf
» 08.November 2017 um 22:11Uhr «
Hey ihr Lieben,danke für die Hammer Coversongs
Ort: Minsk Belarus
» 07.November 2017 um 19:46Uhr «
Hello. First of all thank you for your music it's means a lot for me. I wanna know what happened with Verena? I haven't seen any info about her for ages. The only thing that I know she was one of songwriters on last GC album. Maybe she got married and have family right now? And do you have any photos of today Verena? I really love her and miss her.

Thank you and sorry for my english.
Kommentar von GC Guestbook:: Verena is married and mother of 2 kids. She is still in the band singing backround vocals works as a songwriter and composer.
» 02.November 2017 um 23:43Uhr «
Wo tretet ihr in Ingolstadt im März 2018 auf?
Liebe Grüße
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