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Brian Allan
» 17.Oktober 2012 um 09:47Uhr «
Just like to say thank you from all that were on pricey's stag party from the 21st to 23rd sept. Looking for the photos of uss in our St Pauli tops. We all had a great time music and loads of drink. will be there again next year but instead of 12 there should be a lot more!!!!!!!
Brouschert Raymond
Ort: Luxemburg
» 25.März 2012 um 23:13Uhr «
Während eines Kurztripps nach Hamburg landeten wier auf Grund eines Tipps von ner Freundin die vor eineigen Wochen bei euch war im London-Pub.
Wier verbrachten einen Hammer Geilen Abend bei euch.Super Stimmung 1A Personal, super nette Ceffin.Beim nächsten Hamburg Tripp istein Abend in eurem Pub ein Muss!
Bis bald
P.s:ich wollte eine Freundschafts Anfrageper Fb schiken, hat aber leider nicht geklappt.könntet ihr mich bitte adden?
tony cliffe
Ort: iserlohn
» 09.November 2011 um 17:15Uhr «
hi were coming again nach HH with 40 brothers + sisters looking forwards to seeing you all on the02,03+04 dec 2011 keep that beer cold lol all the best THE GALASSO BROTHERS .GffG.ISERLOHN.
Kommentar von jorg58: We look forward to see again
Ort: Berlin
» 01.Oktober 2011 um 19:37Uhr «
Hello Angela and the London-Pub-Team,
Long time ago...but Ellen and I still remember the good old London-Pub times where we could forget all the stress by laughing, fighting and talking a lot with you and some crayz but nice visitors. We left Hamburg with a laughing and with a crying eye because of you Angela, believe it or not. Never met such an authentic, staight out, and open-hearted woman like you before. We had so much fun at the London-Pub. Thanks for that and for so much more...Sincerely Yours Lena and Ellen.
[email protected]
» 30.Mai 2011 um 15:46Uhr «
Had a great time in Hamburg especially the London Pub, thanks for looking after us so well Angie and Tina
ralf von barburgkau
Web: http://www.burgkauz...
Ort: nürnberg
» 05.April 2011 um 23:46Uhr «
sunny regards to angela from bar burgkauz nuremburg!
it was funny to meet you both right here in my bar...i hope you enjoyed the last hours in my town...maybe we´ll see us soon in hamburg...i´ll come with my wife to visit my uncle in bremen and we´ll stay a couple of days in the town where the shops close at 8 P.M.
visit my homepage and enjoy the funny stuff there...especially "my art"
Ort: Hamburg
» 12.Dezember 2010 um 15:50Uhr «
Hi Susanne,
lang lang ist es her....unvergessene Zeiten, aber halte mich immer auf dem Laufendem dank des Internets...Grüssse auch an Rolf + Jeanette
Werde mich mal wieder blicken lassen..versprochen. Bis bald Heidi
tony cliffe
Ort: iserlohn
» 09.November 2010 um 20:39Uhr «
be nice to see you all again coming this time with 37 brothers + sisters to have a good time in HH see you all on 3+4+5 dec 2010 untill then THE GALASSO BROTHERS ISERLOHN
David Leystar
» 22.September 2010 um 03:54Uhr «
Hi Andrea & all the girls at London pub,

I'll never forget the 1st time I came there almost a year ago, walked in on my own in very L8 at night & very drunk it has 2 be said, chattin' 2 local girls & some British expats till 7 in the morning. It was absolutely fantastic, so much so that I'll be coming to Hamburg again from 14-25 Oct. See u then

David xxx
» 23.April 2010 um 14:09Uhr «
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