Welcome to the crappy replacement-site Alpha-Version, or whatever you would like to call this.
This is basically a place where you could advertise your delegate to the voters.
It should give users a small overview about the current delegates.

When the real site hydradelegates.com goes live (when the development is finished) this one will be closed - but until then it's at least something to see what the delegates are offering.

Once the new Site goes live you'll find it under hydradelegates.com - and don't forget to vote for hydradelegates.com (which pays out 50 %) to support this project.

This Site is moderated by me!

Ping me on telegram @miningsev0

Official Site of the IoP Project http://iop.global

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» 09.September 2020 um 01:55Uhr «
GППd dаy! smoobook.net

Did yПu knПw thаt it is pПssiblе tП sеnd businеss Пffеr еntirеly lеgаlly?
Wе prПvidе а nеw wаy Пf sеnding lеttеr thrПugh ÑПntаÑ
;t fПrms. SuÑh fПrms аrе lПÑаtÐ&m
icro;d Пn mаny sitеs.
Whеn suÑh businеss prПpПsаls аrе sеnt, nП pеrsПnаl dаtа is usеd, аnd mеssаgеs аrе sеnt tП fПrms spеÑifiÑÐ
;°lly dеsignеd tП rеÑеiv&ET
H;µ mеssаgеs аnd аppеаls.
аlsП, mеssаgеs sеnt thrПugh ÑПmmuniÑÐ
°tiПn FПrms dП nПt gеt intП spаm bеÑаusÐ
µ suÑh mеssаgеs аrе ÑПnsidеr&E
TH;µd impПrtаnt.
Wе Пffеr yПu tП tеst Пur sеrviÑе fПr frее. Wе will sеnd up tП 50,000 mеssаgеs fПr yПu.
Thе ÑПst Пf sеnding Пnе milliПn mеssаgеs is 49 USD.

This lеttеr is Ñrе
» 27.October 2019 um 23:10Uhr «
>>> Delegate Thamar <<<<
In the Hydro space, I'm looking for some votes for my new delegate!

➡️Delegate name: thamar
➡️I'm already a delegate for Ark and other ark-based blockchains (Qredit)
➡️Sharing 80%, every day!
➡️No minimum required for voting
➡️No Max Cap
➡️0.1 Hyd min. Payout
➡️tx fee fully covered
» 27.October 2019 um 10:10Uhr «
Hello guys,
I'm looking for some votes for my new delegate!

➡️Delegate name: cactus1549
➡️I'm already a delegate for Ark and other ark-based blockchains (Qredit)
➡️Sharing 60% every 3 days to reduce fees costs!
➡️No minimum required for voting
➡️No Max Cap
➡️I'll refund every unvote/vote fees for everyone that decides to vote for me before I get into forging position!

If you need to contact me, you can find me on telegram as @cactus_1549 or you can write me an email at [email protected]
» 21.October 2019 um 20:56Uhr «
You can find me on: telegram
delegate monitor
Payout Rate 75 %
Daily Payments
TX Fees Covered
0.5 Hydra Min Payment
Web: http://writer.zohop...
» 19.October 2019 um 16:51Uhr «
Hi, I'm SpyintheCab, IoP veteran since 2017.

I started my delegate whoisjohngalt as an experiment and got widely embraced by the new forming Hydra community. I am very grateful for that.

I decided to give it a more personal touch and provide you with some background about myself here.

My delegate plan for the moment is to provide safe and sound network operations while also offering a reward sharing opportunity. My delegate is hosted by a German high quality hosting service.

Who is Hydra? - We are! - Thank you for your support.

Payout rate 80 %
Payout every 34 blocks (~6 hours)
minimum Payout 0.5 HYD
fees covered, no min, no cap
» 18.October 2019 um 08:51Uhr «
Vote for miningsev0

Payout Rate 75 %
Payout every 6 hours
minimum Payout 0.5 HYD
Proposal: Giving Support on how to use Hydra - or if you have any Problems in using the wallet, etc.
» 17.October 2019 um 21:04Uhr «
Vote 0fflin3 & be online
85% Payout
Payout: 6hour
TX Fees Covered
1 Min Payment
» 10.October 2019 um 16:03Uhr «
Hi I'm Memnon, active within the community since 2017, admin on both telegram and discord. Easily reachable in case there's a question.

80% payouts
regular payouts (under 6 hours)
fees covered, no min, no cap
supporting development, promotion, infrastructure and partnering with other communities.
Delegates set up in HQ datacenters in the Netherlands.

Feel free to vote and/or DM me with any questions.
» 01.October 2019 um 23:10Uhr «
Vote for luka_horvatic
former designer and developer for both IOP and Libertaria

Payout Rate 50%
tx fee fully covered
minimum Payment 1 HYD
» 01.October 2019 um 21:12Uhr «
We are active IOP members promoting the project worldwide and specially in latam community

Payouts are done every 24 blocks forged (4hr aprox)
50 % Rewards-share
0.5 HYD min. Payout
» 01.October 2019 um 18:05Uhr «
90% Payout
Daily Payments
TX Fees Covered
0.5 Min Payment
» 01.October 2019 um 03:16Uhr «
reinhs delegate has been an IoP holder/supporter since 2017. I believe in the core values of this project and want to see it succeed. Please support me and help run a strong delegate for IoP and keep the network robust!
50% Payout
Daily Payments
TX Fees Covered
0.5 Min Payment

Thanks for your support!
» 30.September 2019 um 23:38Uhr «
Payout Rate 75 %
Payout every day
minimum Payout 0.5 HYD
tx fee fully covered
» 30.September 2019 um 23:35Uhr «
Payout Rate 75 %
Payout every day
minimum Payout 0.5 HYD
tx fee fully covered
we will make advertisement for HYDRA
» 30.September 2019 um 23:34Uhr «
Trying to help IoP change the world
60% payout
Paid Daily
TX Fees Covered
0.5 Hydra Min Payout

Spread the votes! Voting for delegates with fewer votes means you get a bigger piece of the payout!
» 30.September 2019 um 23:29Uhr «
Payout Rate 75 %
Payout every day
minimum Payout 0.5 HYD
tx fee fully covered
Proposal: research center in medicine and technology. We are currently working with t for disaster medicine. You can find out more on https://open.spotify.com/show/6LO9rUwYwzmFYxdOmIKHD5 and also on our internet site http://www.medicineofdisasters.com/ (still in construction)
» 30.September 2019 um 22:33Uhr «
Delegate: hodlstation

HODL is the name of the game . Vote for my delegate, sit back and let the rewards flow...

60% Payout rate
Payouts every 12 blocks (~2hr)
1HYD min payout
Tx fees covered

P.s if you have any questions, need any help with setting up your own delegate or have issues with your wallet pop me an email [email protected] !
Web: http://https://www....
» 30.September 2019 um 11:13Uhr «
This is a private group delegate, only vote if invited. You will not get rewards otherwise.
» 30.September 2019 um 10:41Uhr «
>>> hydradelegates.com <<<

Vote for my Delegate to make this Website come true and be maintained.
Want to get a feeling how this could look like? Take a look at https://arkdelegates.io

(Currently this a replacement site - until the development of the coming site is finished)

As we need to cover service costs and working-time, this delegate only pays out 50 %, which could be a subject to change in the future.

Payouts are done once every day
50 % Rewards-share
1 HYD min. Payout
YOU support this Project, which will help the users and other delegates.

If you own a delegate yourself, you should consider to create yourself a small wallet just to support my Delegate, as you also profit from it. =)
» 30.September 2019 um 10:16Uhr «
Delegate: ekarol

By voting you have the guarantee:
daily rewards
75% Payout
tx fee covered
minimum Payout 0,5 HYD

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