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Mail: [email protected]
Location: Jaipur/ India
» 29.October 2017 um 09:47Uhr «
Hello, my name is Lis, I would like to know the daily rates of the bungalows for 6th to 11th november. I'm living in India and I'm going to travel alone, so my budget is not high, but I've given a look on the pictures and I'm in love with Cafe Lipe, I belive that the basic chale is suficient for me. Could you send to me the prices and orientatios about how to booking? Thank you!
Cafe lipe
» 28.October 2017 um 02:03Uhr «
Good morning,
Last night we had massive rain after two weeks of blue sky and sunshine. Today in the morning the sun is out again and it looks like there is a beautiful day ahead.
Any questions please send us a mail:
[email protected]
or call us under
0066 86 96 99472

Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Mail: [email protected]
Location: Germany
» 24.October 2017 um 11:20Uhr «
Hi there,

The pictures of your café and bungalows look fantastic, we would very much like to stay with you! Will there be a bungalow available for two persons from 30.01.18 too 07.02.18?
I also wrote an email.
Best regards,
Cafe lipe
» 21.October 2017 um 13:46Uhr «
We had a week or so of amazing weather. The island is quiet busy for the wart of high season but that is because many thai people are her. They have a longer holiday because their king died last year and in these days the funeral will take place.
Any questions please send us an e mail. Check it under contact.
Wish you a wonderful day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 16.October 2017 um 15:24Uhr «
News from the island,here the season starts and so the weather gets slowly better and the island slowly wakes up.
Boats form pakbara are running daily as well from langkawi(malaysia). The boats from lanta are not running yet.
Any questions please send us an e mail under [email protected]
We wish you all a wonderful day,
Kai Keller
Mail: [email protected]
Location: Muttenz BL Switzerland
» 11.October 2017 um 10:37Uhr «
Dear all,
I already wrote an email to Darius but I ask here again if it's possible for you to check if there will be a free accomodation for me, my wife and our two Boys (3y + 6y) from April, 4th-13th 2018. I need to know because of the early flight bookings.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!
Cafe lipe
» 11.October 2017 um 02:07Uhr «
Good morning,
We just had a few wonderful days with sunshine and blue sky. Well today early morning 5-7 am we had some light rain as well it is windy. All in all a grey and not very inviting morning,let's drink a cup of tea and hope that it will open up for the day.
Wish you all a wonderful day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 03.October 2017 um 17:14Uhr «
So updates from lipe,tomorrow the island festival,called loi rüa,which is twice a year and an important date for the urak lawoi,the local population of lipe,starts. It will go on for three days and marks the changing of the winds,monsuns.
For that the weather is not only sunshine but getting nicer day by day.
Any questions please send us an email,all details you can find under contacts.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe lipe
» 02.October 2017 um 03:02Uhr «
Good morning,
We are open again for an other season and we hope to met many nice people form around the globe, the weather so far is nice and the island is still in low season mud. 4,5,5.10.17 is the local,island festival called loi rüa.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
giuliana jorrot
Mail: [email protected]
Location: France
» 27.September 2017 um 10:06Uhr «
Hi guys, I would like to see if you have any accommodation for a family of 5 from 22nd till 25th of December. I sent you a mail as well. Thanks a lot
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